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A Ride with Lady Salome

The bitch heard Lady Salome's footsteps in the hall, and he whimpered. He knew she would be rough on him, and he trembled with anticipation.

When the door opened, the first thing bitch saw was Lady Salome's piercing blue eyes. They seemed to drill into him, making him realize that she knew all his secrets, his pitiful longings and nightmares. The eyes were mesmerizing, and coupled with the smile that crossed her mouth, the effect was to make bitch drop to his knees. As usual, Salome had total control. Bitch licked the floor in greeting, whimpering again.

Bitch's gaze now moved down to Salome's boots, and he gasped with pleasure when he saw that she was wearing the new ones he had bought for her. The boots were covered with buckles, and were caked with fresh mud from the wet ground outside.

"Bitch, you clean the floor in front of me, but you have not serviced my boots," said Salome in a soft voice. "Lick them clean, or you will feel my whip on your balls. Is that what you want?"

"No, no, please Mistress, not that... I'll do anything you say" moaned the bitch. He was trembling with excitement, and could already anticipate his tongue on the rough leather, but he knew from his training that he must ask Lady permission. "May I lick your boots, Mistress?"

"Yes, bitch. Lick them clean." Her voice was even softer this time, but with an undertone of steel.

Bitch moved toward Lady's boots and placed his tongue on the heel, where the mud was thickest. He tasted the fresh dirt in his mouth, and with that, he felt the joy of submission wash over him. Giving up control at the feet of Salome was like no other sensation -- better than any feeling he had ever experienced. The act branded him as hers, marked him as her property. No need for physical marks -- she owned him totally.

Bitch gasped with pleasure as his tongue moved over the boots. He begged Lady to raise her left boot so he could reach the sole, but at first she refused. "No, bitch, you have not earned that privilege yet. Finish your task on top first."

The bitch moaned in heat and stuck his ass in the air like a whore. He longed to feel his Lady's cock, but he knew it was too soon for that. He busied himself with the boots, making sure that every nook and cranny was free of mud. His ass moved rhythmically as though he were being fucked. Lady reached back and gave his bottom a couple of sharp slaps, which made bitch's mind pulse with need.

When the first boot was finished, Lady put it on bitch's neck and pressed his face into the other. His mouth and tongue were crushed against the dirty boot, and the sharp buckles pressed into his skin. Bitch's submission was complete at this point, and he felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to Lady for spending her time with a worthless slave like him. As his face was crushed against her boot, he smelled the leather and his brain grew dark.

The heat rose in him then, and his cock stiffened. He pressed against the boot in a fit of passion, and bit into it. He wanted to eat Lady's boot and with it her foot, because she was as luscious as ice cream on a hot day. He licked passionately, groaning with lust and trying to swallow the boot. He inhaled her scent, and he felt he would soon faint with pleasure.

A frown crossed Lady's face, and her blue eyes flashed with irritation. She knew that bitch was trying to consume her, and she knew why, but she was still annoyed at his disobedience. He was an adequate slave, but sometimes rebellious -- sometimes he got strange ideas into his worthless head. She pulled his head up sharply by the collar, and made him face her piercing eyes. "Bitch, I've forbidden you to bite me. What are you doing?" As he began to whimper and grovel, Lady slapped his face sharply twice with her gloved hands. He felt the pain wash over him, and he sank to his knees and worshipped the boots again. His love for her knew no bounds.

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